My A to Z Travel Challenge – J is for Jerez, Spain 🇪🇸


We visited Jerez on a three night trip to Seville with my parents a few years ago. It was an unplanned trip, but when I realised how close and easy it was to get to we decided to spend an afternoon there. Trains from Seville were pretty frequent so we just took a taxi to the station and bought tickets at the counter. The journey takes around an hour.

Waiting to board

For some reason I thought there would be tour buses at Jerez Station! When we walked out the only transport were taxis. By this time it was lunchtime so we hopped in a taxi and Anthony asked the driver who spoke no English to take us to a “nice restaurant”, he’s very good at miming. We struck lucky with our driver who drove us to a fantastic restaurant and also said he would wait for us and give us a tour after.

The restaurant we had lunch at was called La Carbona, I think it was probably a Michelin Star restaurant judging by the price!

Anyway the food, service and atmosphere were excellent, but we knew we had to go and explore soon before it became too dark.

True to his word our driver was waiting to drive us around the small town centre. He tried so hard to make us understand what he was talking about, and spoke very animatedly for over an hour in Spanish, all to no avail!

I would love to go back to Jerez one day and spend more time there, but it was a wonderful afternoon during our visit to Seville.

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  1. We spent five nights in Seville a few years ago but didn’t make it to Jerez but I’d like to visit there sometime. We did take the train to Córdoba and Cadiz though and enjoyed our Easter break in Andalusia. Thanks Ali for bringing back fond memories of that trip,

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  2. Jerez looks beautiful. We will find a way to visit, sadly this is not going to be our year. The architecture itself is perfection, I cannot imagine the countryside. Your photos call me there.


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