Unusual topping : A farmyard birthday cake

It’s my grandson’s 2nd birthday today and he loves Old MacDonald and barns, Don Bar he calls it. So I attempted a farmyard birthday cake.

Thanks to Our Eyes Open for this challenge


  1. Good on you – it takes the love of an extraordinary grandmother to spend that much time and effort. My mother made every grandchildren a birthday cake themed especially for them every year and her grandkids will never forget them. A drumset out of champagne cork, wire and silver lid one year. Sometimes clumsy but always creative.

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  2. Great cake. Sorry, I wasn’t sure what you were commenting on my blog about because you referenced another blog about the challenge (not mine) so I never got a pingback on this post. Thanks for taking part!

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      • 😀. I have a photography blog where I post a photo challenge every week for other photographers to post a photo on a theme I pick every week. “Our eye open” took up the challenge and put up a pic on their blog with a deer cake topper. They did not create the challenge but answered it. Hope that makes sense


  3. Thank you Basil for clearing that up. I’ve had 2 pingbacks this week for your challenge. Next week, I will make some changes to the post so they pingback to you instead. 🙂 Sorry about that!


  4. Alison…I love the cake topping theme. I’ve gotten confused easy enough on Word Press so no worries on the pingback. I don’t think Basil thought I did it on purpose. His weekly photo challenge is great! The only challenge I host is Bird Weekly. Maybe you would like to check it out and play sometimes with your bird photos. I have a theme every week too. 🙂

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