Sunshine Macros from Perth, WA


These are photos I’ve taken recently from around Perth, WA, my beautiful hometown.  Since I’ve started taking these types of photos I’ve become more aware of my surroundings.  It’s fun to get up close and not just go for the view!  I’ve been trying to take some bird photos but it’s very difficult unless you have patience, a stool and a tripod.


The closest I could get to this Pelican

So non-descript in black and white!

This has been a very difficult post as I have started using the Block Editor! It’s been fun but complicated, I definitely need more practice.

Would be happy to receive comments as to what everyone else is using!


  1. Beautiful photos Alison and those pelican photos brought back fond memories of one of my visits to Australia. I’ve taken a look at the block editor but am continuing to use the classic one as long as possible as some of the functions I use don’t exist in the newer editor so it will take me slightly longer and be more fiddly to maintain the appearance of my posts as they are at the moment.

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  2. If you took these bird photos without a tripod you are really good. The flower photos are brilliant, too. What camera are you using and do you use various lens? I’m currently struggling with the Block editor as it’s here to stay and we have to get used to it, but i must confess sometimes I have to link back to the Classic when my frustration meets my inability. Years ago it seemed possible to wrap text around a photograph and I liked that way of displaying and I had hoped the something similar might be forthcoming, but no. Keep posting these lovely images.

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    • Thank you Mari
      I am just using my S1O camera. It’s great for zooming and also closeups. I can centre just like using the half shutter on a camera . I love it and my friends also say it takes good photos


  3. You have great bird photos! I never use a tripod. They are too restricting and birds are unpredictable. I’m better free-hand shooting. 🙂 Beautiful flowers! We were supposed to go to Seattle in September for vacation. My hubby lived out there for 20 years and wanted to take me to his stomping grounds to Mt. Rainier. Not happening now. One day I will get there. I’ve never been to Washington. 🙂

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    • Thanks Lisa ..we were meant to go to Spain but that’s not happening until next year either. I’m in Western Australia and all borders inside and out are closed but I think it’s the safest place in the world at the moment

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