Sculpture Saturday

Sculpture Saturday is a challenge I started a few weeks ago after spotting it on another blog.  I love looking through my gallery and finding a sculpture that I took on one of my trips.  It is hosted by Mind over Memory.

Seven Men in a Boat


Yes, there’s actually seven men in this boat.  I took it a few years ago when we were in the UK visiting London.  It’s located in Spitalfields Market in East London.

An authentic wooden fishing boat containing seven seated human figures in steel, Lemos’ sculpture symbolises the universal struggle and suffering of millions of uprooted migrants around the world.  (Source:  Kalliopi Lemos Sculpture)

If you have a photo to share please and would like to take part link to Mind Over Memory who hosts this weekly event 😄.






  1. Really enjoyed learning about this interesting sculpture Ali. Though I’ve visited London hundreds of times, I’ve not been award of it before! Hope you’re having a good weekend. It’s a sunny Saturday morning here. Marion

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    • Thanks Marion..since I’ve been posting about sculptures I realise I have so many. I love an unusual sculpture
      It’s sunny here also ..a bit chilly though

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    • Thanks Nadia, yes that’s a good point ..but it must have been treated ..also it crossed from Turkey to Greece in the sea. Obviously a well built boat

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  2. When I travel I always like to see sculptures, thanks for sharing Ali 🙂 have a perfect day, cheers from Portugal 🙂 PedroL


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