Sunshine’s Macro Monday

My Garden in Autumn

This idea was introduced to me by Sheree on her website View from the Back.  The challenge is actually posted by Irene and it’s a fun thing to try out with your camera to capture small things up close.

On the left is magenta bougainvillea and the right is orange alstroemeria

My lemon tree which is hanging heavily at the moment with the juiciest fruit.  My hubby is waiting for me to make a “Lemon Chiffon Pie” as he calls a Lemon Meringue.  On the right a Chrysanthemum that my daughter bought me years ago for Mother’s Day.  If you look closely there is a wasp in the middle.

On the left are Correa Dusky Bells and the right an Australian native plant called Tahiti Xmas Bush, these bushes look stunning when in full bloom as they have flecks of gold on the ends.

Lastly my orange rose which I have coaxed time and time again back to life, mostly due to pesky aphids.  It always rallies in the end.


I hope you enjoyed my flowers as much as I do! 



  1. Your garden looks fantastic. Did you get any help from your resident gardener on those names 😂.

    I think you should do Birds in your garden next.

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  2. Wow such wonderful colours in your garden Ali. Looks spectacular. Must smell beautiful as you walk around too. Not too much work I hope?


  3. Thanks Jonno. We have a yellow rose, gardenia and jasmine that smell gorgeous, but they weren’t out when I took these photos. The work is ongoing but I have my dad here who has green fingers and was a bit miffed that he didn’t get a mention 😬


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