My A – Z travel challenge – Places I have been – 😎🌍 – A

I thought it would be a fun idea to write an A to Z of places I’ve in the past, as travelling in the present is not an option at the moment. Also it will certainly keep me occupied during this isolation period. So here goes …

A is for Alcatraz, Amundon Island, An Bang Beach and Athens 

Alcatraz, San Francisco

During our trip to USA a few years back we did the tour of Alcatraz.  We were actually very lucky to go as I didn’t realise how popular this place is and I managed to book the last spot on the last day of our stay in San Francisco.

Alcatraz was an operating prison from 1934 to 1963 and was “home” to the infamous Al Capone.  Before 1934 it was a US Military prison from the late 1850’s.  No-one ever managed to escape from “The Rock” although many attempts were made.

It certainly looked a bleak place and no attempt has really been made to restore it, for historical purposes.  There is an exhibition room there and at the time we visited was showing prisoners’ stories about why they were sentenced.

🔫 💣 🔪

Amundon Island, Sweden

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 1.12.22 pm

My trip to this nature island was very recent, just last year.  We went to Gothenburg for three days to visit my cousin and his family.  It took a while to reach the island, first a tram and then a bus, around an hour’s journey.  Then at my slow pace of walking another hour of walking around the island!  This island is great for snorkelling and camping, during the summer months of course!

🌳 🌳  🌳  🌳  🌳

An Bang Beach, Vietnam

An Bang Beach, Hoi An, Vietnam

This has to be one of my favourite beaches.  Just a short drive from Hoi An town or just borrow one of the many bikes the resorts offer and cycle.  When we went there were a few casual cafes along the beach, although I think it must be more built up now.  If you bought a drink you could get a sun bed, not a bad deal at all!  The only thing was the closeness of the beds, they were so close you had to crawl from the end of the bed.  Very easy to eavesdrop on your neighbour’s conversations.  The service was five star, with the staff from the cafe serving  you on the beach.  There was also free wifi – on the beach!  Some people go to Hoi An without ever realising that there is a fantastic beach there.


🏖 🏖 🏖  🏖  🏖  🏖


Athens was one of our ports of call on a Mediterranean cruise we took a few years ago.  We did the obligatory tour of the Acropolis and then wandered around Athens on our own.  I first went to Athens when I was 18 when it was allowed to walk and climb over the ruins of the Acropolis.  I suppose due to the wear and tear of this ancient site they have had to stop this and it is now tightly controlled by security guards, shouting and whistling at sightseers not to step out of line!

Old Temple of Athena, Athens, Greece
Old Temple of Athena, honouring Athena and Poseidon
Odeon of Herodes, Atticus
Odeon of Herodes, Atticus
Propylaea, Acropolis, Athens
Propylaea, Acropolis The ancient principal entryway to the Acropolis


And that concludes A! 




  1. Lovely idea. Big project to take on – good luck.

    Ps – The Anglin brothers whose bodies have never been found might want a word about escaping from Alcatraz. The FBI have still not closed there case and there’s evidence to suggest they are in Brazil.

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  2. Alcatraz was just reopened for tours last Friday.

    I took the tour many, many years ago before it became so popular. The part that I will never forget was solitary. The tour guide would allow each individual to be shut into the solitary confinement cell for one minute. It was a very unnerving one minute.

    I hope that you can soon resume your travels.

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