Beautiful Bali

It was a very lazy five days for us and the only day we ventured out was to Ubud to have a birthday lunch.  We have visited Ubud before a few years ago and in such a short space of time it has changed dramatically.  It is so busy with tourists and also cars.  There are constant traffic jams and gridlocks.  To me, Ubud is now more about materialism than spiritualism.  Although, we had an extremely delicious lunch at a place called Bridges.

The dish on the right is called Rijsttafel. It is a Dutch word and means ‘rice table’. It was invented by the Dutch colonial plantation owners, who loved to sample different Indonesian dishes with small portions at a time.  Another popular dish is Bebek Betutu – which is a slow roasted duck wrapped in banana leaves, absolutely a must try.


At the Raja restaurant in the hotel.

On the night of my birthday we took a taxi to the very grand Mulia – one of the most extragavent hotels I’ve seen.  We had the buffet which without a doubt is the King of all buffets.

Just outside there is an ornamental pond – see below – like a mirror, no ripples.  Anthony really did think it was glass and stepped in only to go flying across the other side, landing half in and half out soaked up to his t-shirt.  We could only stare open mouthed, even the waitress looked shocked who was walking us to the restaurant.  After a split second we could not stop laughing, it was the funniest thing ever.  After he had clambered out the waitress brought him a towel.  He very gamely sat with a towel around him the whole time and just squelched his way to the buffet.  Apparently this happens all the time – I wonder why they don’t put signs up!


A few more snaps from around the hotel.


Our last night was spent at the hotel indulging again in a gourmet feast, a traditional Balinese Dinner at Rajas.  20180407_211610.jpg

A fabulous birthday and will definitely be back!Bali




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