Fukuoka – May 31 2017

Arrived in Fukuoka quite late at night so just headed out to see what there was around.  It had a really nice atmosphere here.  Lots of waterways and bridges. We were meeting up with our friends Cheryl and Vaughan who had arrived earlier than us that day.  We were staying in the Hotel Okura.  I’m not so keen on Japanese food so had to do lots of compromising with Anthony as to where to eat.

As we were only here two nights had to prioritise where we wanted to go but sure managed to get in lots in the next day.

Met up with C & V next day and decided to head over to Nokonoshima Island.  The ferry ride over was gorgeous and the island was just beautiful.  Well worth a trip if you are in Fukuoka.

Some snaps below showing our morning visit.


Anthony speaks fluent Japanese but he’s very modest about this and said it wasn’t good enough, but trying to explain things in English to non-English speaking Japanese wasn’t so great.  So encouraged by all of us he started to converse with taxi drivers, waiters and hotel staff with great success.  They were so interested in how he could speak so well and where he learnt it that we didn’t actually find out what we needed to know till some time later.  Taxi drivers especially started to take us the long way round so they could continue talking with him!

After a “Bento Box” lunch on the island we headed back and took a look at Fukuoka Castle more ruins really.  Built in the 17th Century there are really only walls and guard posts left.


After this quick visit and walk around we headed over to a shopping centre just for Anthony, looked too busy and crowded for the rest of us so we left him to it and headed back to the hotel to decide what to do about dinner.  It was decided that we didn’t have to eat Japanese that night but could do European – yay! So headed to Water Site Otto, actually there were Japanese items on the menu but lots for me to eat.  Had a drink first at an English pub near our hotel.


Thought this was very apt!

And that concludes Fukuoka – next up Beppu



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