Day five

Osmania Womens college

Today Mads and Laurence left us to carry on with their travels to Sri Lanka.  So just the two of us left.  I researched Hyderabad very hard to try and find out where all the old houses were that the White Rajas used to live.  I think as I mentioned most are derelict and deserted now or have been turned into institutions like Colleges and hospitals.  Hyderabad is absolutely full of very large hospitals specialising in everything and they are all housed in very impressive buildings.  The only one I could find that we could visit was the above college.  It seems it was built in 1803.  Although we could find no details of the history inside the college.  If you would like to read more click here. 

This building was beautiful.  It was during term time so was pretty deserted.  I was amazed that we were allowed to wander around with no security present.  You can see though that even this building was in need of some urgent redecoration.


Paigah Tombs

Next up was Paigah Tombs.  Very quiet secluded place, so peaceful.  Quite difficult to find even for the driver!  Very small entrance which he managed to drive the car through.  This is one of the burial places of the Nizams.


There was a very young caretaker in charge who told us he was 19.  Seems he was an orphan and said he was third generation custodian, he proudly showed us a photo of his father who had passed away.  Seemed strange again that there was no entrance fee.  Beautiful stonework and architecture. For more info click here.

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