Hyderabad – Day three and four

Relaxed on day three after busy day yesterday and getting geared up for busy day tomorrow!

Day four – Ramoji Film Studios

I was really looking forward to exploring this Indian version of Universal Studios – or so it was advertised.  Took around 45 minutes to drive there and our driver went ahead and bought tickets for us.  Lined up with hoards of others – again we were the only westerners – and had to go through a security process.  Men one side and women the other.  Maddy had brought her polaroid camera.  It seemed that no-one had ever seen one! Amazing.  I think in the end at least ten security guards looked at this, turning it one way and then the other and were not convinced in anyway that this was a camera.  Luckily they let us through.

After this everything was so regimented from even to what bus you boarded to the actual studios.  I suppose the drivers must get so bored just driving back and forth as they tend to race each other on what part of the road where it goes into one lane!  Pretty hairy.

Off this bus onto other buses where we could only go to one studio lot at at time and were not allowed to walk around areas that were not designated walking areas.

I think we were an attraction in itself – especially poor Maddie – people were lining up to have their photos taken with her.. so funny.. although Laurence was not amused.

Anyway we all thought it was quite tacky and really the only thing that we enjoyed was the fantastic lunch at the hotel that is situated inside the studios where all the film stars stay.



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