Hyderabad, Day two – January 13 2018

Chowmahalla Palace

Finally left hotel with driver and guide this time at 10.45.  First stop Chowmahalla Palace.  Beautiful place with lots to see well worth a visit.  Home of the Nizam Kings.  History well explained by our very informative guide.



Next stop lunch! I must admit to being a bit worried about where we would go as I really cannot take spicy foods.  I know – why am I in India then! – But needn’t have worried at all as our guide chose a fantastic place for lunch – where they catered for the milder pallete.  Of course we had the traditional biryani and some dhal and Anthony’s favourite tandoori chicken.



Charminar Bazaar/Nizam Palace

Next up was Charminar Bazaar.  One thing about Hyderabad that I was beginning to notice were the roads – basically they were just piles of rubble kind of evened out then with a big pile of rubble pushed to one side!  As if somebody had jackhammered up the road.  So glad we had our trusty guide to guide us through the rubble and hoards of people and animals.  Had a quick look around the bazaar and managed to buy some beautiful scarves.  Loved the fruit stalls only selling the one fruit.

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