Hyderabad – January 2018

Golkonda Fort

Arrived very late but check in was very good and we were in bed by midnight – about 2 am our time.

Decided on a lazy morning and to enjoy a long leisurely breakfast.  The staff are absolutely amazing and can’t do enough for you.  Breakfast was amazing.

Spoke to the concierge about what to do in the afternoon and decided on Golconda Fort with just a driver.

Driver dropped us off just by Golconda Fort and arranged a meeting place with us.  Absolutely chaotic around this area.  Sharing the road with not just cars but goats and cows as well.  Golconda Fort seems a popular place for school visits too. If you would like to find out more about the history of Golconda Fort click here.


Laurence and Maddy leading the way.

I’d read that you could do Golconda on your own but everything seemed so busy and we didn’t know where to start.  Luckily as we were standing round pondering a jolly fat guide popped out of nowhere and suggested we hire him for a “small fee”.  Anyway decided what the heck .. he had to make a living.. so after parting with a couple of thousand rupees we entered into his expert care.

Luckily we did as we would never have got through the hoards of people, also it seemed that we were the only western people around so caused quite a stir ourselves.  Poor Maddy couldn’t walk more than a few metres without having to pose with any number of people.

Spent a good two hours walking up hundreds of stairs but was given a very good tour by our guide and would highly recommend Golconda Fort with a guide if you go to Hyderabad.

Our driver took us back to the Taj via Hussain Sagar Lake where the statue of the Buddha is located. We stopped to take a few shots and as Laurence stepped out of the car, he was approached by three young guys and one asked if they could see his ear! So he kind of put his face to one side and one grabbed it – I thought they were going to piece his ears as they had these sharp needly looking things – but apparently its how they syringe ears over there. Laurence jumped straight back in the car. Unbelievable


That night we headed to a local restaurant Paradise.. recommended by the restaurant manager at the Taj “very popular with expats”.  Well again we were the only westerners there.  Food still very spicy although it had been tempered down for our tastes.  Not sure I would recommend this place though.  Also to Anthony’s disappoint there was no beer served! Apparently not many local restaurants serve alcohol, you would have to to go a hotel for this.


Day 2

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