Day 5 – Back to Reykjavik

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Before heading back to Reykjavik we had plenty more stops to make and another long drive ahead of us.
Heimaey is also well known for its puffins, it has the largest colony of puffins in Europe.  The hatching season is August/September and we were on route to see them.  This is where my trusty S4 let me down, as there was no way I was going to capture shots of these little birds flying around.

As I didn’t manage to snap any puffins here’s a link to the puffin site …click.

After boarding the ferry back to the mainland we did a right turn heading away from Reykjavik towards Skogafoss where glorious waterfalls awaited us.  We also stopped at the black beach in Reynisfjara.

We learnt from Magnussen that hundreds of years ago Icelandic people thought it was bad luck to lay down fully when asleep so they used to sleep sitting up!  Very bizarre and uncomfortable.  Thats why the beds were so small.  I found a very interesting site on Skogafess – if you have time have a read of this great site – click here.
So finally back to our hotel for our last night and as it was so late we had dinner at the hotel.

Without a doubt we had a fantastic five days and saw some magnificent scenery and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

A last minute story.  After having gone to bed and with lights nearly out the fire alarm went off.  It was around 10.30 pm.  I put my head outside the door at the same time as everyone else on the floor and saw the receptionist running down and knocking on the doors.  Sadly it was not a practice and we all had to vacate.  Luckily we did get dressed again and took coats also, unlike many other guests who wandered down in their PJs.  We were ushered outside in time to see the fire brigade pull up.  Icelandic men do make very hunky fireman 🙂  There had been a fire in the kitchen.  So after about two hours with tea and biscuits for everyone and the kitchen and dining room had got a thorough soaking we were finally allowed back to bed.  I felt sorry for the guests with an early flight who had to leave around 3 am.
Fortunately they had managed to completely dry out the dining room in time for breakfast that day.  And then it was time to leave.

My Captain!