Day four – Westman Islands

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Early start again today as we took a ferry to the Westman Islands.  The ferry crossing was wonderful as we were out on the deck.  Beautiful scenery along the way.

The biggest island is called Heimaey which is where we would be spending the night.  It is the only inhabited island and has a population of 4000.

After disembarking we hopped back on the bus and had a tour of the island.  There was a volcanic eruption in 1973 and if you click on the link it will give you a very good history of what happened.  It’s an incredible story.

Apparently you can walk up the volcano which Anthony said he would do later in the afternoon.
Arriving at the Hotel Vestmannaeyjar, we waited on the bus while Magnusson once again went to fetch the keys and distribute them to all of us.  Our room was a nice surprise overlooking the harbour with the volcano in the distance.  Most of the other travellers had decided on a boat tour but we thought we would explore on our own.
Leaving our room and walking down stairs we opened a door that led out onto the street – or so we thought.  After the door clicked shut we were faced with a large window overlooking the street with two doors either side – both were shut and no amount of knocking brought anyone to answer.  Our only recourse then was to bang on the window to passersby and mime that we were locked in and could they inform the hotel!  We did eventually get out.

There was some interesting artwork painted on the buildings, so much nicer than graffiti.

Anthony still hadn’t tried the local delicacy of puffin so we looked for a restaurant specialising in this.

Anthony trying the local delicacy
A pint and a puffin – Before shot
Justice done – after shot

With still plenty of daylight left we wandered around some more of this pretty town.  The houses were so colourful.

Anthony did manage a walk up the volcano while I went back to the hotel.  He said there was only one other person up there and he was slightly worried about going down so he asked the lady who was up there – a Russian tourist – if he could walk back down with her.  She very kindly agreed, I’m not sure I would walk down a volcano with a strange man, then again I’m not a volcano walker type!

Day 5

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