Day three – Kirkjubaejarklauster/Skaftafell/ Jokulsarlon

Another early start today as there were so many miles to cover and so much to see.  We would be driving over 500 km with plenty of stops on the way.

Spectular scenery so far.

So far we’re very glad to have taken the guided tour as the self drive cars are not so popular with our driver!  He honks like crazy if they are parked on the side of the road – apparently this is not allowed and can only stop at designated car parks.

Next up was Skaftafell National Park.  This is a huge park full of mountains and glaciers.  Iceland’s second largest park.

And back on the bus and onto the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon!  From here we were put into small boats for our lagoon tour.  Out on the lagoon it was around 5 degrees.

Our final destination for the day was our hotel for that night – Hotel Dyrholaey.  I think I can speak for everyone on board that after last’s night luxury we were all slightly disappointed with this hotel.  I would describe it as an upmarket hostel and Anthony described the food as a “schoolboy’s dinner”.  Dormitory style rooms and canteen type restaurant. I was glad to get to bed as it was a very tiring day.

Day 4