Day two – Thingvellir/Geyser/Gulfoss


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Off to an early start this morning as we had a long day ahead.  We were due to meet everyone on the tour plus our guide and driver at 9 am.  We were a very mixed group, all ages and nationalities and also different groups – couples, families and singles.  Our guide was called Magnusson.  At first he seemed a bit humourless but we had yet to learn Icelandic humour!  There was a lot of driving ahead of us but first stop was Thingvellir National Park.  Most of our fellow travellers seemed liked big camera enthusiasts with fancy cameras and then there was me with my trusty Samsung S4 phone, but I think I didn’t do too badly.




It didn’t seem like summer at all!

Had a quick stop for lunch.  It seems not just fish is their national dish but also lamb.  Everywhere had a lamb soup bubbling away.
Onto the next stop which was the geysers and Gulfoss.

It was quite a feat to get a photo of the geyser actually blowing up!


Magnussen was proving to be a very informative guide but didn’t like any silences so to fill them he sang Icelandic dirges, soon had me nodding off.

Anyway back on the road again to our hotel.  We had to wait on the coach for Magnussen to bring us our keys – as there were 27 passengers – we had a bit of a wait.  But it was worth it.  What a treat in store staying at the beautiful Hotel Grimsborger and the sun had made an appearance too.

It was truly a lovely hotel.  We had a magnificent buffet dinner – all kinds of seafood and meat.  Anthony got to try Minky Whale which he said was quite slimy, I gave that a miss.   Our group was placed on three tables – one large and two small.  We sat on a smaller one and got to know a few of our fellow travellers.   A lovely Mexican couple were also on our table, they were in their seventies and only the husband could speak English – but the wife was very jolly and joining in when her husband translated.

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